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I just found out I have osteoarthritis in my knees. Can it go to other parts and should I get x-ray?

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27 Nov 2009

Hi dear, osteoarthritis can affect many joints & especially the knee joint cause it is the weight bearing joint . you should get x-ray & consult rheumatologist,I advice you to decrease your weight .

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3 Mar 2011

As already stated, osteoarthritis is localized and will not travel or spread. But it is often started by a previous injury, or injuries, for example, a bad fall or several unrelated events. This injury (or injuries) might have happened many years ago, perhaps in one's childhood or teen years, only to develop into osteoarthritis in early, mid or late adulthood.

It is possible to be in an accident, or in several accidents, where you hurt more than one part of your body, resulting in osteoarthritis in more than one joint. This was my situation. Osteoarthritis first showed up in my knees, from growing up on the back of a horse (I'm in need of surgery to replace both knees). I started riding when I was 6, and rode nearly every day for my entire life (I'm in my 50's now), and it is assumed that this was the cause of my initial arthritis.

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29 Nov 2009

Osteoarthritis is localized i.e. affects only some joints (joints which have most wear and tear), so the osteoarthritis won't travel to other joints as such.

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Anonymous 3 Mar 2011

Sorry Marvell, I have it in every joint in my body! Having all kinds of surgery because of it. Everyone is different, & different things affect each person individually. And to the first person who answered,(sorry,don't remember who it was) maybe this person isn't overweight! That's bad advice for someone like me that is thin.

Anonymous 3 Mar 2011

I guess I should have added that in my particular case, I have very very severe Osteoporosis, which goes hand in hand with the Osteoarthritis. I had a complete hysterectomy at age 21 & couldn't take hormone therapy, plus I have a genetic disposition to Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis. I am 64 years old now. I really wanted to be specific that a lot depends on the individual case, & this person did not give much of a history.

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