I've been on Sinemet for 2 yrs, very effective. Should I be worried if its losing its effectiveness?

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4 May 2011

I have been on Sinement for 2 yrs also and went for my checkup last month. I was put on Azilect along with the Sinement. I asked about Sinement losing its effectiveness and my dr. said that eventually it will not work as good. I have a very mild case of Parkinson's and thought I was doing just fine with the Sinement but I guess he could see that I had a little more tremor then before.
Im not a Dr. ~ hope this helps.

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10 May 2011

I'm no doc, but I've hade parkinson's over 10 years. Yes, sinnemett (levo/carba dopa combination) not only doe's not work as well, but, over time, will eventually start creating the very symptoms it is working to eliminate. In my case, I started at 25/100, 4X day. Another doc upped it to 25/250 5X day. The latter made me sway , like you see in Mike J Fox. Now I am back to the 25/100--more tremors, less sway. My opinion as a patient is to be "body aware". If it works at a particular dose, stay there as long as can. I also take another movement disorder drug with levo/carba dopa, but name excapes me. There are many promising new drugs out for this malady, so keep your head up!

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