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I have a white diamond shape pill with the only logo of 100 on one side a name would help thanks di?

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27 Jan 2011

Are you sure it is white not blue - in which case it would be a foreign Viagra - most likely Indian.

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jond2007 28 Jan 2011

yes it is a white pill i have look on the net cant find what this pill is or does thanks for trying to help

Plain Jane 31 Jan 2011

It is Sildenafil citrate 100mg
Spier Pharmaceuticals
A white diamond shaped tablet, embossed with "100" (100mg)
on one side of the tablet.

jond2007 31 Jan 2011

Thanks so much for time Thanks

kapim 6 Jun 2013

hi i also found quite similar pill, white,diamond shape with both site had number 0089 or 6800 depending on which site is up.

use as viagra but just to reconfirm wheter it was the same chemical

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