I have a pill that looks like a football shape and it has no22 on it I need to know what it is?

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24 Aug 2009

Go to a public library and check the latest PDR (Physicians desk reference). It will show pix & descriptions of every prescription pill, capsule etc.

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25 Aug 2009

Can you let us know the color and shape (by football do you mean round or oval?)
Also does it just have 22 on it or no22?

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jeanette g 25 Aug 2009

it is oval shaped and it has no22 it is like a lite green color

Plain Jane 25 Aug 2009

Thanks - I have found it now
Metoclopramide HCL 5mg
Imprint Code N022
Pale green oval tablet

More info at http://www.drugs.com/metoclopramide.html

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