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I found a round white pill. One side is a circle with a m,the other is 0332 with a line thru the 33?

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7 Mar 2011

Can you check the imprint again.

Could it be M 05 52 as in this image

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The circle and line look as if it was suppose to have a cigarette in it saying no smoking. If anyone can help it would be greatly appriciated.

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Circle white pill with 4839 v what is it?

the pill is circle like a perocet with the divided line on one side with4839 on the top of the line with the v at the bottom of the line.

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What is this pill - with the imprint of 59 white round?

Half a circle on the side by 59 other side is line down middle

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Hey, My mom found this pill and she wants me to find out what it is, can anyone help me?

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