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I found a pill in my house that is yellow small round 44-144 on front of pill nothing on back?

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10 Feb 2011

Amiodrone Hydrochloride is the information that I have on this, this medication is specifically used for people with life threatening irregular heart beat, heart problems as well as liver disease... you will need to recheck this information though with a licensed pharmacist... take care blaze22

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front242 12 Feb 2011

Thank you for the info! Wanted to make sure somebody wasn't doing the wrong thing.

blaze22 28 Feb 2011

You are welcome... been away from the computer for a while, haven't had the time to get back with my friends'/groupies here at I am glad that I was able to help... we are all here at any time... ever unsure, just log on and someone will try and let you know as much as they can... blaze22

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