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I enjoy a cocktail or two at night. Is that so bad on Saphris?

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14 Dec 2010

Hello bookbuddy,

Combining Saphris with alcohol could cause undesirable or even potentially dangerous side effects, such as extreme drowsiness, "passing out," confusion, or impaired breathing.

Please do take care,


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20 Dec 2010

I have just started on saphris, been on it for just 2 weeks. Would appreciate any info anyone could share about this drug. Thanks.

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21 Dec 2010

Kathy -

I was on Saphris for a few months and I LOVED it, but my doc took me off of it in the end because she thot it was making me manic-y. But what I loved was I felt more of my true feelings. Usually I am pretty dulled, or super-non-reactive, but on Saphris I could cry, I also got excited about doing things (instead of just a "whatever" or "too much effort" attitude).

I know the "cry" ability is a weird thing to miss, but my Signif Other died 10/23/09 and I didn't feel like I really responded, much less got tearful. Once on the Saphris, I cried more about Jimmy than I ever had before... I could feel my greif. I lived with him for 9 years, and even so, my greif was blocked by whatever I was on before, stuck inside, just leaving me with a pit of undigested berevement in my stomach.

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21 Dec 2010

i myself like a drink every so often,as i was told bipolar is a mood disorder so anything that may alter your moods can cause problems now that im on meds ,if im in a good mood im happy if not it elevates my problems,please becareful.

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17 Jun 2011

You can't drink Alchohol on these meds or if you have mental disorders, it can cause coma, death & a whole other host of problems & on most of these meds one drink is like having 4 drinks because it intensifies the effect & causes your meds not to work correctly. Please think about what your doing & try to not drink, you don't need it & it causes depression among other things, Alchohol is a depressant in itself. Good luck !!!

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