I am on Wellbutrin xl and I get tired about 8 hours after I taje it. Is this normal?

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13 Jan 2010

I have not experienced tiredness on Wellbutrin, how much are you taking? You should mention it to your Dr. because my Dr. put me on it 150mg in the a.m and 150mg in the late afternoon, but it was too much for me, she even tried 75mg in the afternoon and i still had a lot of anxiety with it! The one good thing is that you get tired is that you should have no problem sleeping as a lot of people do on Wellbutrin. Good luck and let me know how it goes if you decide to tweak your meds. I think i am going to wean off because I am getting too much anxiety w/ this med and the dr. can't find anything that helps with my anxiety!

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rawboots 16 Jan 2010

i have bn on bupropion for a year now. at first i couldnt get back to my regular sleep pattern but now i sleep so much. iam still on it. 300mgs a day. a can of soda will make me stay up over my med. The anxiety is definately spiked from the med. i also want to wean off of it . im affraid to just stop taking it. it could be psychological but im gona tok to the doc

13 Jan 2010

One of the side effects is drowsiness or tiredness and if this is bothersome to you or interferes with your daily routine let your physician know and maybe you could be put on another medication that does not produce this effect in you.Also maybe taking it in the evening if your physician okays would be better for you.Mongainchrist

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