I am getting a drug test soon, hw long does tramadol stay in your system?

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18 Nov 2010

It depends on how much u took... but i do believe tht it only does stay 1 day (24) hours... if u took one... now if u took like 2 or 3 then prob like 3 days...

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18 Nov 2010

Although addicting, tramadol is considered non narcotic or narcotic like. So I doubt it will show up on a UA. I may be wrong, but I do believe this to be the case. The other thing that could happen is if whoever ordered the test, may request you be tested for trams specifically. SL is right. It doesn't stay in the system for more than a few days to a week tops. It also depends on how long and what mgs you've been taking. It's a very confusing medication. I wish JK13 would read this question. However, I will post (2) info facts about trams.

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christineATU 18 Nov 2010

Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever.

Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Tramadol extended-release is used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain when treatment is needed around the clock.

Tramadol may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide.

christineATU 18 Nov 2010

When I looked up this medication on the "professional" site, this is what it said:

Tramadol belongs to the group of medicines called opioid analgesics (narcotics). It acts in the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve pain. When tramadol is used for a long time, it may become habit-forming (causing mental or physical dependence). Physical dependence may lead to side effects when you stop taking the medicine. Since this medicine is only used for the short-term relief of pain, physical dependence will probably not occur.

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