Hydrocodone/Ibuprofen - how much hydrcodone is in this pill?

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13 Jul 2009

It's most likely 10mg but need identifying info on the pill. Can't be sure just saying it's hydrocodone/ibuprofen.

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popcornhead34 4 Oct 2011

There is 10 mg of hydrocodone and the rest is basically tylenol. Under pill identifiers it will show that hydrocodone dosages and always comes 10/325

11 Jan 2010

In the United States, the only approved preparation of Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen contains 7.5 mg hydrocodone and 200 mg ibuprofen.

Brand name formulations include Ibudone, Reprexain, and Vicoprofen. This medication is also available in non-branded generic form.

Vicoprofen is arguably the the most common term used in general to describe this medication in much the same way as Vicodin is most commonly used to describe hydrocodone and acetaminophen preparations. However, while Vicodin and other hydrocodone/acetaminophen formulations come in many different strengths of each ingredient, hydrocodone/ibuprofen medication is only available in the one strength: 7.5 mg/200 mg

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11 May 2011

If it is round with the numbers 524 on one side then it is 7.5 mg hydrocodone.

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