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How would a doctor write a perscription to take 1 to 2 tabs every 2 to 4 hours as needed for pain?

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10 Jun 2010

It depends on the med call your pharmacy and ask them this question and they should be able to answer your question or call your Doc he too may have made a mistake and wrote the script wrong Good Luck

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11 Jun 2010

You mean how it's written on the pad? As in bid?

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11 Jun 2010

One a day is: oid or sid. Two a day is: bid. As required is: prn or ad. lib. Every hour is: qh. Daily is: od. Does that help?

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barbles2413 11 Jun 2010


1 A DAY IS qd 2 a day is bid three a day is tid 4 a day is qid every night is ghs prn is as needed

Delila 11 Jun 2010

Yes pretty much as i said, my reference was my revision notes for my nursing qualification, recognised terms in the UK. Maybe you are in a different country?

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