How much Tramadol can be taken safely?

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15 Jun 2010

Only the amount prescribed to you. I am prescribed 2-50mg tabs three times a day. Over that I would be at a very high risk of having a seizure. I had one a couple of years ago, which is the only one I've ever had, and my neurologist says it was just a random occurence. They are very scary to come to from. That is your biggest risk from taking too many.

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16 Jun 2010

The dose of tramadol you are prescribed will depend on factors such as your age, how you respond to tramadol, and other medical conditions you may have. Generally, a healthcare provider will start you on a low dosage, such as 25 mg once daily in the morning. Your dosage may be increased slowly as needed, up to a maximum dosage of tramadol 400 mg total per day.

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