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How long will soma 350mg Stay in your system if u take 3 a day for 28 days?

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13 Feb 2012

I have been on Soma for several years now. My doctor told me they are very addictive but will help with pain. I use them for muscle spasm pain. I have rods in my spine that should have been taken out years ago. To make a long story short "the doctor left town and it never got done". So here I am trying to be able to live a normal life with constant pain. The pain has caused my blood pressure to increase, my body is in stress 24 hrs a day. I have decided to go off my Soma, I am down to only two a day. I take them about dinner time. I spend 90% of my time in my electric bed due to constant back pain. I also have a morphine pump continuely dripping morphine in area where the pain is. I turely don't know if it helps or not, but do not want anymore things to try out.

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