How long should u wait to eat or drink after to take the suboxone film?

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20 Sep 2011

I don't think you need to wait at all, because it isn't supposed to be going through your stomach. The Buprenorphine in that strip is either absorbed in your mouth or not at all. Weren't you told all this?

You also don't really want to be swallowing your saliva as you dissolve the film. Spit it out. Hold it in your mouth 1 - 3 minutes if you can, but then spit it out. Your saliva contains the Naloxone, and you don't want that to get into you. It will make you feel sick. One advantage the Films are supposed to have over the pills is you get less Naloxone tainted saliva in your mouth.

To answer your original question, I'd say 30 minutes is more than enough time to wait. The only reason you may even wait at all is to allow your mouth to absorb any of the drug that still there.

I'd still rise my mouth before I drink anything. Most people don't feel the Nalox they absorb, but some do. I did. So I say spit, rinse, wait 15 - 30 minutes, and then eat or drink as desired.

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PollRein 4 Aug 2012

I was just skimming this site for some different information in regards to Suboxone & I came across this. I read the reply posted here and was overwhelmingly compelled to add my thoughts (the first time I've ever written anything on this sight, I might add).


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