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How long should I wait after I quit taking methadone befor it is safe to take other pain med?

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6 Aug 2010

Its always safe to take the pain med with the methadone but if your asking how long it will be till you can feel the euphoric high its 3 days to a week. Although when taking other pain meds while taking methadone you will never feel relief so you might overdose it would be best if you wait the 3 days to a week till you take other pain meds.

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6 Aug 2010

Your question is very vague. Why are you taking methadone in the first place? What dosage? How long have you been on it? Methadone has a 36 hour half life which is extremely long, and takes months to get completely out of your system. Try reading the following articles That are listed on the right side of this page under FDA Consumer Updates, under a Guide to Safe Use of Pain Medicine. It is the first article, but there are others there that are very helpful too. This will lead you to other articles which are very helpful. Good luck!

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6 Aug 2010

it should be safe to take another type of pain med at your next scheduled med dose. I have been switched s many time both in and out of the hospital do to if it was working or not. My sis is a nurse and also said it was safe as well I hope this helps. a few times the docs didn't even wait that long.

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