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How long does Lortab stay in your system (10mg) ?

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30 Sep 2011

3 days. You can flush it out of your urine for a dt if needed.Drink 6 pints of water. Never use the first two urine reliefs of the day. Take 1000mg vitamin b, 1000mg creatin500mg niacin and 3 aspirin . No matter what the others say on here that's the truth. I have a script, but choose to not allow my boss to know of back issues... since I need my job. I will go as far as to say it works with THC as well. I once liked to smoke POT ( before I went to the Dr to get my pain meds). I smoked everyday for 3 months up to and including the night before the DT. And I passed. I didn't want the job I was testing for so I thought it would be a great time to try it. IT WORKED! You can buy all the $60 drinks you like and they are full of the same vitamins. More than likely you can just simply drink a gallon of water the day of the test... piss clear and take a vitamin b or c to turn your piss yellow so not to set off nosey want to be Dr's giving the test! Good Luck but you wont need it.

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22 Nov 2010

Depending on how fast your metabolism is, how sensitive the drug test is, how many you take and for how long, between 3 and 8 days.

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