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How long does it take for abilify to work for helping depression, along with paxil and wellbutrin?

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10 Mar 2010

yes they are right everyone is different but i would think if you did not feel a dfference in a month something is wrong

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11 Mar 2010

i was on those drugs for one month and it didn't help. i've been on wellbutrin for three months along with abilify then it was changed to lexapro. no improvement, the symptons seem worse

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11 Mar 2010

i was on ambilify along with cymbalta and the ambilify made me so depreesed that i would not come out of my room.i finally got off them and got put on a strong dose of effexor but after all that my mom told me to throw all that stuff away because i was not feeling any better so now im on nothing except xanax and feel alot better.i have been on every anti depression med you can think.i think there all junk.i do no paxil takes away your sex drive alot more than others all of them i think take away your sex only 29. but good luck to you.

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10 Mar 2010

The short (and incredibly frightening) time I was on Abilify, I started feeling it change me within four or five days. This is of course just me, as everybody is wired differently, but I think this is a decent baseline timeframe.

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