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How long can your periods last while you are on the Mirena?

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25 Aug 2009

Everyone may have different experiences. I haven't used Mirena myself but the link below has reviews/comments made by people who have used it. Hope you find it useful.

baljmp19 13 Sep 2010

i HAVE used mirena and currently have PID (pelvic inflamitory disease) and ever since ive had the iud alll ive had are problems. such as bleeding after sex, prolonged periods, burning while urinating, etc. I had my daughter 4/29/09 and i had the iud placed shortly after that. Though i have had several partners after my iud was placed i have NOT had an STD. My symptoms mentioned above are caused by Mirena i found out from my doctor. I would not reccomend this IUD to anyone.

soldiers girl 31 Jul 2011

I do not have periods on Mirena, and I've had mine since July 2007. I have slight spotting after sex. But this is the best thing I've ever used, and I LOVE my Mirena! And plan to get a new one in when this one must come out next year. My only problem is my strings disappeared, and I did have a cyst once that caused me pain, and the dr had to do an MRI to make sure my IUD was still ok, and it is, just the strings got pushed into the uterus. But the MRI showed it was still in place. They just have to use a small instrument to go through the cervix to pull down the strings when its time to remove it. Not too worried though. So long as its still working, and it is! The cyst went away by itself after a little while, and the pain went away quickly.

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