First let me apologize in advance for both the length and lack of clear articulation in the following question. I'm just in so much damn pain and it's not easy to type with the pain radiating all the way down my right arm/hand.

I have been on Suboxone for about 10 months. Immediately upon becoming dependent on the pain pills I took for genuine chronic pain, I chose to give up the pain meds and use Suboxone to eliminate withdrawal, then later to help somewhat with chronic pain. Up until now that has worked well but for the past week I have suffered the worst pain of my life due to a bone that is pressing on a nerve from a previous spinal injury. My addiction therapist as well as the doctor prescribing suboxone are 100% supportive of my decision to go back on opiate pain meds for a SHORT time in a CONTROLLED setting with a pain management doctor, but finding such a pain management specialist who will help me in the town I just moved to (near Youngstown Ohio) has been quite challenging. Each day I go through and see who I haven't called yet and who I am waiting to hear back from about possibly getting in to see a pain management doctor with a referral either from my new general practitioner who I've only seen once (remember, I just moved and my old doc never saw me for this condition so he won't refer me) or the Chiropractor who despite not having an MD has helped me more than any doctor so far.

Once I realize no one is going to help me or get me in to see them that day or the next, I take a subodone since it offers at least a very small meaure of relief. I know I ahve to go off it completely in order for any opiate pain medication prescribed to relieve my pain, but the catch 22 is that if I just go cold turkey there's no telling how long it will be before I can get in pain management program. On the other hand, if I continue to take the 16 mg sub Im prescrtibed, or even the 8mg Im down to, I have no idea how may days I'll have to wait after going cold turkey before painkillers will help. Again Im sorry this has been so long and long winded and confusing it just hurts to type and I can't even think straight having been in this muc pain for almost a week. I feel confident in my decision to accept help in the form of the same drug I was dependent on, even if it means a setback to my recovery, because I am literally not functioning because not one of the other non opiate drugs presribed in the past week has even touched the pain.

Any relevant answers are welcome, but please don't simply respond in judgement or assume I am making the wrong choice, or one based on ANYTHING other than the need for pain relief. Thank you so much for reading.