How early can I get a narcotics perscription filled?

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18 Mar 2010

depending on where you live and your insurance, usually 3 days earlier than the date you had it filled last month.

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20 Mar 2010

Depending on what the order for the medicine is. If you get 60 pills and the instructions are, take 3 everyday (as needed or any other instr) then you divide 3 into 60 and that is how many days you can get it filled. Most Dr.'s will make it a number like 2 a day and then it would be 30 days but most places will give them to y ou a day or two early. Some are very strict especially with this kind of drug. They figure if you aren't taking too many you should have enough to last you at leaast until the very day they are due. If you keep ordering them early a mark will go on your record as "Drug Seeking" and you will find it hard to get any medication. It is wise to wait until they are due.

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