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How dosage of cytotec to abortion two month pregnancy?

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24 Oct 2011

Hi nazmie,
Cytotec is used for stomach ulcers,it is not used to terminate pregnancy,although it mat cause abortion or birth defects to unborn babies,it is not prescribed to abort a pregnancy.
I would suggest you go see your doc if you want to terminate your pregnancy,under no circumstances should you try to do this on your own. It is dangerous and taking the likes of cytotec is not the right way to go about it,it might not work and could only cause you to harm your baby which could lead to birth defects when it is born.
There are other options if terminating your pregnancy is your final decision,there are professionals out there to help you,but please do not take it upon yourself to do it on your own.
Take care and be safe whatever you decide.

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puckiemull 24 Oct 2011

Hi again,
Also can i add that you type in cytotec in the search above and read what it states about taking this while pregnant,it can be life threathening on yourself.
Please read more on this drug. It is not the answer you are looking for in regards to terminating your pregnancy! Read the info above,you will see how dangerous it can be to both you and baby,

nazmie 25 Oct 2011

Thanks 4 your comment..
but i have the cytotec now,so what can i do? i dont want see the doc because that a legal action in my country. If i take a right dosage it can not be dangerous to me..right? so i hope u can help me in my problem

puckiemull 25 Oct 2011

Yes it can be dangerous to both you and baby. Type in the med in the search above and you can read for yourself what it can do. Abortion is not always the case in taking this med,you could very well harm yourself or as i said not terminate the pregnancy but leave the baby with birth defects.
We are here on this site to help in any way we can but not for this action you want to take.I cannot advise on dosage for this as it is potenially harmful for you yourself.
How did you come across this med,who suggested it would work?I want to help you,it is illegal for abortion where i come from too,but you can still speak to healthcare for advice in proper terminations.

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