How do you know if you have gout?

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21 Aug 2010



Gout can present in a number of ways, although the most usual is a recurrent attack of acute inflammatory arthritis (a red, tender, hot, swollen joint). The metatarsal-phalangeal joint at the base of the big toe is affected most often, accounting for half of cases.Other joints such as the heels, knees, wrists and fingers may also be affected. Joint pain usually begins over 2–4 hours and during the night. The reason for onset at night is due to the lower body temperature during this time.

Other symptoms that may occur along with the joint pain include fatigue and a high fever.


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22 Aug 2010

Hi teresa b; This is one of the troublemakers L.O.L. with a wiseass remark that is very , very , true. From Sacosam's for what it's worth dept... "YOUR TOES WILL TELL YOU"! i've had episodes of it over the years. When your TOES get so sore you head for the dr. IT'S GOUT!

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