How do I start withdrawing from Wellbutrin XL?

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10 Feb 2011

Without knowing what dose you take I am shooting in the dark here. Because it is XL (extended release) you can not cut the pill in half, which if done alters the absorption of the drug and you therefore run the risk of adverse reaction like a seizure. So you will have to get a prescription for a lesser number milligram from the doctor. For example, your reduction might go something like: get 150mg XL if you were on 300XL to begin with, and take the 150XL once a day for two weeks.

I can't say for sure what the dosing schedule would be as it depends on what you were on to begin with. You need to talk to your doctor in order to get off this drug.

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Anniston53 10 Feb 2011

Thank you for your feedback... I will call my doctor, because I did cut the pills in half. I've been taking them that way for a week. I feel great. The dose is 300XL... cut in half. I don't want to be stupid and risk a seizure. I guess I thought since he cut my other meds in half I could do the same with the 300XL.

LaurieShay 11 Feb 2011

Nope, can't cut them in half. Get a prescrip for 150's as soon as possible.

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