How do I get Metanx delivered by mail?

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16 Nov 2009

This is a third tier drug for me so it costs $60.00 per month. I have never felt better than I did when taking this. Taking a super B-Complex Vitamin to supplement - its just not the same! Wonder where we can get it Cheaper?? NextRX is our source for Mailing our scripts to us. Maybe going to the Metanx sight? I hope this helps!

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16 Nov 2009

You are best to make contact with your local pharmacy and see what can be arranged.

Be careful about ordering online.

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16 Nov 2009

Check with your insurance company who you have your pharmacy benefits through, I currently work for Humana and we offer mailorder on medications. Most insurance have mailorder options.

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9 Jul 2010

I got mine for much less with a mail order pharmacy. My doctor told me how to contact them: Brand Direct Health Pharmax. Their website is / phone number is 1-866-331-6440. The doctor sent the Metanx prescription to them and they called me back to arrange the shipment. Just got my refill and it was the same price-- about $40. Hope this helps you.

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