Here is my situation:

I have had chronic back pain for 2 years and finally am having surgery on Wednesday to repair a ruptured disc by my L5/S1 which is pinching a nerve in my leg. Previous to this I have had 2 different Dr's which both just drugged me up with Vicodin and at my peak 100 MCG Durgesic patch 2 days and 20 mg Ocycontin 2 times a day, with 5/500 for breakthrough pain. I had enough of the drugs so I saw a Neurosurgeon who is going to fix the problem. She has gotten me off the patch and down to 2 10 mg Oxycontin a day for pain (I am in a lot of pain currently) but advised that I start cutting down pre surgery. I was doing really well and then it hit me, I am opiate dependent. I can not sleep or feel comfortable without having something in my system and I am scared out of my mind. I had met with a new GP earlier this week on advice from my surgeon in the event that I needed to be weened off of my pain meds (good idea) but this guy doesnt seem that well educated with pain situations. I need to know what I should be doing to get clean, I am sure after surgery I am going to be given tons of drugs again and then once I am recovered from surgery I am gonna crash. What can I do to be in control and not just given more pain meds. Any advice or comfort would be greatly appreciated, I have a good job, wife and children who do not understand what I go through without meds.