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Does the hiv med complera have mental side effects?

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7 May 2012

This from

"... Psychiatric side effects of at least moderate intensity have included depressive disorders (reported as depressed mood, depression, dysphoria, major depression, altered mood, negative thoughts, suicide attempt, suicidal ideation) and abnormal dreams in 1% of patients. Depression and abnormal dreams have been reported in at least 10% of treatment-naive patients treated with emtricitabine and tenofovir. Anxiety has been reported in at least 5% of treatment-experienced or treatment-naive patients treated with emtricitabine and tenofovir. Depressive disorders (regardless of causality, severity; 8%) and anxiety (at least moderate intensity; less than 2%) have been reported in patients treated with rilpivirine."

4 Sep 2012

I have been taking complera for 3 days now. I decided to contact a psychiatrist just in case. I start freaking out... I freaked out w prednesone back in May. that wasn't pretty. taking some ativan for anxiaty and then ambian to sleep.

31 May 2013

I entered a severe panic attack in the first 3 weeks. It subdued gradually towards the 3rd week. All listed psychological side effects are factual. Now, in regards to my mental health, I feels as nothing has ever happened. Back to normal.

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