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Heavy periods ways to slow them down ?

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25 May 2010

I think you find this website very helpful to you As for a list of things without going to the website: NSAIDS, birth control, iron supplement, reduce stress, balanced meals, exercise not while on period, herbal teas lady's manlte, vervain, red raspberry, massage oil w/sage essential oil. Hope this will help.

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25 May 2010

thank u very helpful

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nikicole1986 25 May 2010

but i dont have meapause iam 24

RemSupreme 31 May 2010

lol... I hope not

31 May 2010

I had a girlfriend a couple of years ago with the same problem.Very heavy periods.I remember the DR perscribed a mild birth control pill that worked very well.Im sorry I cant remember the name of it but it was made by organon.I know that wont help much but that was about 2 -3 years ago.Sorry

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