Having leg pains, feels like blood clots, how serious is this?

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15 Apr 2010

mom61, sometimes leg cramps are nothing, but when you say blod clots it is time to go see a doctor. A blood clot could go to your heart, lungs and even your brain. I would not wait on this one and I know your question has been on the site for at least 48 hours. If no one has answered it is probably for the same reason I skipped it over a couple times. Do yourself right a get the diagnosis from a proffesional. Come back on and let us know how you made out. Fall Queen

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15 Apr 2010

Theres alot of reasons to haveing leg pain,but if you think it can be a blood clot then you need to go to the doc right away because that can kill you or cause a heartattack,hope this helps

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