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Has anyone used L-theanine for a cat? if so, what dosage did you give? thanks?

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4 Dec 2010

Hi Calico!


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calicogabe 4 Dec 2010

Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I have a very good vet and I have asked him to check it out for me. The problem with this cat (I have 6 cats) is that he has developed a nasty habit of spraying -- not too bad yet, but I don't want it to get beyond help. No cystitis and no recurrence of the stones he had several years ago. Dr. C (Bill) put him on 10 mg of amtriptyline for 14 days. I am not too sure I want him on that for very long. That is why I asked Bill to check out the l-theanine, which is actually what is in green tea and is a water soluble amino acid in green tea and is an immune booster too. A friend of mine's dog is now on l-theanine and it has calmed her down considerably.


want2Bmedless 4 Dec 2010

I had a roommate who had a young kitten that was "in heat" before she could get her "fixed" and I remember distinctly that the vet put the poor little thing on Valium because she would be up "meowing" all night and keeping us all awake. I think the poor kitten was prescribed a high dose though because after "pilling" her, she would just sit there stoned... huge pupils... she walked around running into walls like she was drunk... she did not seem very happy about it... so, perhaps a very low dose of Valium (diazepam) could be tolerated?

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