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Has anyone stopped taking oxycodone and how?

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30 Oct 2011

Hey bdtimms,

There are three basic ways to stop taking oxycodone, each with their own pros and cons depending on how much and how often you are taking it. You can quit cold turkey and though have to sweat through the withdrawals be done with the process in around 10 days, you can slowly taper off the oxycodone and avoid the withdrawals but take longer or you can try a medication like Suboxone for opiate detox but then have to wean off it eventually.

If you would like a taper plan, would be willing to come up with one if you can share how many, how often, and what strength oxycodone you are on. It takes some determination but is the best way to avoid withdrawals without the cost of Suboxone.

Here to help anyway I can,


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bdtimms 30 Oct 2011

I am taking 15mg oxycodone every 3 to 4 hrs for about 7 months now
Thanks for your help

bdtimms 30 Oct 2011

Can oxycodone cause the pain that I am feeling Doctors seem to think that it is the main cause of the pain, and if I go off oxycodone all the pain would go away. What ddo you think?

LaurieShay 30 Oct 2011

Can't say for sure, but I would slowly wean off the oxycodone and see what happens. If you are use to taking 6 a day, drop to 5 a day for 5 days, then to 4 a day for five days, then to three a day for five days spacing out every 8 hours, then drop to two a day with one every 12 hours for 5 days, then to half a pill every 12 hours for 5 days, then to half a pill once a day for 5 days, then to fourth a pill every day for 5 days, then stop. You'll know soon enough if the pain subsides or is still a problem.

bdtimms 30 Oct 2011

Hey laura thanks for your help it is very nice to have some support to try and understand this drug
Thanks again

LaurieShay 30 Oct 2011

You are very welcome. Please feel free to contact me anytime even by private message if you would prefer. Here to help anyway I can.

Anonymous 30 Oct 2011

Kudos to Laurie this Sunday AM! Would be my taper plan exactly...

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