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has anyone ever seen a pink xanax, if so what strength are they?

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27 Jul 2009

if it is generic,what are the numbers on it? does sound like a 05.

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25 Jul 2009

There are no Pink Xanax, there is however a Peach colored Xanax that is 0.5mg.

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chancer1995 25 Jul 2009

thank you for you help derek23

Derek23 25 Jul 2009

No problem, the 0.25mg Xanax are white, the 0.5mg Xanax are light peach colored, the 1mg Xanax are blue, and the 2mg Xanax (or Xanax bars) are white and have four segmented lines, and are long like a square shaped really long pill bar, about the size of two 1mg (Football) Xanax long.

nash22 18 Nov 2011

yes, the peach zanax is .05, often prescribed four times a day. remember to take as directed, and follow doctors and nurses, pharmacist advice.

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