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Has anybody heard of a vitrol shot for opiate detox?

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15 Dec 2010

Never heard of a Vitrol shot. There is buprenorphine (a partial-opiate used to relieve withdrawl in addicts) injection marketed as Buprnex and Suboxone is another version of buprenorphine with naloxone to block other opiates.

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tara5681 15 Dec 2010

My bf had the Vivitrol shot to detox from OC's... he had to go to the doc every few days to submit a urine to check the opiate levels in his body. Apparently after long term use it stores in your fat tissue and even after not taking anything for weeks, was still coming up in his system. His levels had to be at 0 before they would give him the shot. I guess it was originally used to help people detox from alcohol-which would explain why after getting the shot of he had even a few sips of an alcoholic drink would get EXTREMELY sick!! The shot was great for him-though everyone has a different experience I'm sure. In addition to the shot, he was put on a TON of other medications like clonadine, trazadone, neurotin and quite a few others!! He legit had 5 scripts of pills! I do know that the shot is very very expensive! He was supposed to get 2 or 3 I think- they last a month- but because his insurance ran out he only got 1 dose. He did say that it was great and he wished he could have continued getting the shot... good luck to you!

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