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Has any one had sucess with xalkori?

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15 Nov 2011

I just started taking it a week ago. How long have you been on it?

9 May 2012

we r looking for results from someone before my husband starts this. they say the side effects are bad. etc... how are you doing taking this

12 May 2012

In Sept. 2011 I was diagnosed with NSCLC. Surgery was not an option since it had spread - Stage 4. The doctor told me I had a year to live. I started on Xalkori in Oct. 2011. The side effects are uncomfortable but manageable. My last PET scan (April 2012) showed no active cancer. The doctor says I am not cured, so I will continue the chemo drug. He has retracted his prognosis, telling me no promises but maybe 5 years. The side effects are diarrhea, acid reflux, and vision problems (only going from dark to light). The drug works.

smspaz3 26 May 2012

You are taking Xalkori and having chemo?

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