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Whats a Good Medicine to take for a severe sore throat?

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30 Oct 2012

Do you have strep throat? If so you need an antibiotic. Cepacol lozenges are good for sore throat, they numb it.

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30 Oct 2012

Hello dhubbard9. I recommend "Smith Brothers" Known through out Europe and North America for at least half a century. Tried and proven drops that come in several flavours. Certain to give relief. Regards pledge

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30 Oct 2012

I agree with both kaismama and pledge, so take their advice. You can take ibuprofen to help ease the pain and swelling. You might also try hot tea with honey, not sugar. The tea will feel good going down and the honey will help coat your throat. If you don't care for the throat drops, there are several sprays you can use that will numb your throat. I hope you feel better soon!

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30 Oct 2012

Hello dhubbard9, If a bacteria is not the cause of the infection, then the treatment is focused on the comfort.. Antibiotics will not help treat viral sore throats. Treatment may include, Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. (for pain) Increased fluid intake, throat lozenges. Antibiotics (if the cause of the infection is bacterial, not viral) Acetaminofen and Ibuprofen are the best pain relievers and bring down the swelling caused by sore throats. I hope this has helped... pamee

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30 Oct 2012

Your sore throat should be diagnosed first by a doctor rather than trying home remedies... you may need, and it sounds like, you need a very strong antibiotic. Please see your doctor since this may be a symptom of another problem. Covering up the pain isn't always the answer.
Good Luck,

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31 Oct 2012

I agree that you need to be seen by a doctor to be sure it isnt a bacterial infection. You will need antibiotics for a bacterial infection. Ibuprofen helps with pain. Dont discount the old remedy of a warm salt water gargle. Use about a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of salt. you want the water to be mildly salty and warm. Sips some into your mouth, tip your head back and gargle-try not to swallow because it will upset your stomach if you swallow it. Repeat several times. You can do this as often as necessary but at least 3-4 times a day. this will help rinse away any bacterial particles in the tonsils and it bathes the throat. It wont kill infection though. If there is bacteria, like strep, you need antibiotics.

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SHEsevEN4 23 Jun 2015

Honey and lemon is good to, alone with warm salty water.

2 Nov 2012

Hi there,

Get a prescriptions for Tantum. It's great for sore throats. It's a gargle.

Good luck!


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2 Nov 2012

hello dhubbard9,
In my opinion and this is only my opinion, I would see a ENT asap for there are alot of reason that u can have a sore throat, so trying to diagnose yourself and treat yourself is in my opinion not the right way to go!!! Have an ENT take a look at u and they will beable to give u the right course of treatment, for u have no clue what is causing your pain, u may need a strong antibiotic etc, not a hard candy lozenger etc... I me it might help to numb the pain for a few minutes, but don't u want to no the underlying cause... good luck... angel1662

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13 Apr 2015

Best severe sore throat medicines

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