Hi folks,
I'm in full blown opiate withdrawal. I don't have a family dr I can talk to.
Do you think the dr's at a Walk-in-Clinic, or Urgent Care would help me?
I would like to be prescribed Valium or Librium for my withdrawal syptoms.
I wasn't a heavy user, but a DAILY one since last Nov. About 50mgs of Hydro a day.
I'm waiting for Worker's Comp to approve my disc surgery.
My surgeon never gave my enough to keep me from withdrawing & I can't call him & explain my situation. I'm afraid he won't give me enough pain meds after my upcoming surgery. He's one of those dr's that is REALLY careful.
Would WC find out the reason I went??
I don't want them to get ahold of my medical records.
What should I do?? I'm hurting!:(