Glycopyrrolate - What helps with dry mouth?

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24 Nov 2011

There is an over the counter line called biotine they have a toothpaste, a mouth rinse, a gum and a mouth spray and it is really good. I recumbent the rinse and toothpaste. Patti

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Anonymous 24 Nov 2011


Anonymous 24 Nov 2011

Good answer Patti, I also am a constant sugarfree gum chewer because of dry mouth from prescriptions I have to take. It is so much better for your teeth to have saliva in your mouth. Dry mouth can lead to dental disease if continues & my dentist reccomeded chewing sugarfree gum to keep the salvatory glands going...

24 Nov 2011

For what reason are you on gylcopyrolate if I may ask... the drying effects last a long time... like 24 hrs. Atropine is shorter acting but then you could have the "CNS" effect of the atropine. I use what patticake has recommended. It is good stuff. Good luck...

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Anonymous 24 Nov 2011

This iPad won't let me spell it right. B I O T E N E!

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