First off this is a long distance relationship, I am in the Midwest and she is on the West Coast. We have been seeing each other for about 1 1/2 yrs, and I had flown out there about 9 times.

My girlfriend was involved in a auto accident, and eventually for the pain she took oxycontin, then was on methadone for about a month, and then went back to oxycontin. She suffered some ruptured discs, and this past Spring she went thru some injections both in and around the disk, and this has eventually eased her pain. Until this treatment and the results taking affect, the back pain gradually increased, and because of this and the body becoming tolerant of the oxy levels, her dosage gradually increased. I believe eventually that she was up to 80 mg, 3 times a day. She is now detoxing, and just recently using methadone to aide in the detox.

About a month ago, our relationship basically ended, at least in her mind. I am wondering if the oxy and detoxing might be a major influence in her rationale and way of thinking. We were so totally in love.

I along with her friends noticed prior to the detoxing that her behavior, although not terrible, had changed somewhat. My communications with her since the detox has started has basically been limited to emails, but she definitely doesn't seem herself. Almost "offish" and like she has put a shield over her heart and feelings.

I would apprecite any insight into what others have experienced, both those who have detoxed themselves and people who have had loved ones go thru the oxycontin experience.

Let me add that we used to talk on the phone daily, normally twice a day. We used to instant message almost nightly, but as her pain increased, the IMing decreased. The last instant message I did receive from her was in late April where she mentioned that she just wanted her life back and my son & I in her life. My son & I then flew out and saw her in early Summer. It just blows me away how this relationship went down the tubes so quickly.

Thank you in advance.
Lonely in the Midwest.