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Is there a generic form of oxycontin called roxycontin?

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24 Feb 2012

Its not Roxicontin, its Roxicodone and that is the brand name for a short acting form of oxycodone made by Roxane. OxyContin is made by Perdue and they hold the patent on long acting forms of oxycodone since it was reformulated a year or two ago and they stopped all manufacture of generic long acting forms of oxycodone so you can only get the brand name.

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24 Feb 2012

There will be no generic Oxycontin until at least 2013. Some sort of patent complication with the generic. If you have no insurance Purdue has a Patient Assistance Program to help with the affordability.

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balbanese 24 Feb 2012

Also, Roxicontin is a Brand Name, not a generic.

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