Gabarone - how soon should this medication start relieve pain?

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13 Dec 2011

The answer to this question is another question. What type of pain are you having, & what dose are you taking? The drug you are talking about is a seizure drug that is also used for pain like neuropathy. It is usually started at a low dose of 300mg, & increased at weekly intervals to a maximum of 1200 to 1800mg. Some people take larger doses, but by the time you are at these doses you should be getting some relief. If you are not, I suggest that you speak with the prescribing doctor & see if it's possible to try something different. It will take some time for this to work so try to be patient. Do not stop this drug suddenly even if you feel it is not working to help your pain. To do so, can cause seizures. You will have to get off of it exactly the way you got on it. Not knowing more information about what is causing you pain, or the dose you are on, I hope this was helpful to you. Good luck to you also...

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