Gabapentin - how much and how long did it take tostart working ?

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3 Dec 2012

Hello jason14020. It varies only because its perscribed for several diagnosis(s) (off label), meaning other than say being an anti-convulsant. Regards pledge

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Anonymous 3 Dec 2012

Some examples for the use "off label" are treatment for migraines, Bi-polar/manic depression, alcohol withdrawal, hot flashes in conjunction with menopause, etc

Anonymous 3 Dec 2012

Excuse the typo(s)

3 Dec 2012

Gabapentin has a wide range of efficacy, and is individualized. I only take 400 mg a day, others take much more.

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jason14020 3 Dec 2012

im type 1diabetic and took 100mg x 3 every day for a month now up to 300 mg x3 every day for 2 weeks now I have diabetic neuropathy and the burning in my feet is even worse now I cant live with this pain it is at a 10 at night and at a 6-7 durning day time the burning is going farther up my feet as well please help

3 Dec 2012

Hi Jason,
I take 300mgs twice a day. It took about 7-10 days before I noticed it was working for my nerve pain. However, it did make me sleepy as soon as I started taking it. Everyone works different though. Hope you get it worked out! Take care!

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