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From suboxone to morphine,how soon after last dose of sub can u take morphine?

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27 Sep 2011

Is your doctor switching you to morphine from subs? This is not a usual practice, but if he/she is trying some other type of pain relief then he/she should be able to help you.
You should wait at least 24 hours before taking morphine. And, you cannot switch back as quickly as you will be forced into precip wd's which can land you in the ER, or worse.

Are you under a subs doctors care?


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daydreamer76 27 Sep 2011

i was under a sub dr care,he had me on 16 mgs it was to high,and they stopped taking my insurance,i cant afford outta poket.i am down to 4 mgs,i ran out this morning..i already feel like crap:(i have 3 kids to care for i cant do wd`s!!so could i take a morphine pill till i find a dr??

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