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Fleet Phospho-Soda - Is the Phospho Soda in the Fleet enema dangerous?

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22 Aug 2009

If taken as directed then it shouldn't be dangerous, otherwise it would not have been available for consumption.

Fleet Phospho Soda has sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate.

Sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate are forms of phosphorus, which is a naturally occurring substance that is important in every cell in the body.

Sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate is used to treat constipation and to clean the bowel before surgery, x-rays, endoscopy, or other intestinal procedures. Sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate enemas are also used for general care after surgery and to help relieve impacted bowels.

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31 Aug 2009

You may have heard about the warnings for oral sodium phosphate products. The warnings do not apply to the enemas.

see the news article below from

FDA Puts Black Box Warning on Bowel-Cleansing Drugs

THURSDAY, Dec. 11, 2008 -- Two prescription drugs used to cleanse the bowel before a colonoscopy may cause kidney damage, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday.

The FDA said it would now require a black-box warning on the oral sodium phosphate products Visicol and OsmoPrep, alerting consumers about the risk of acute phosphate nephropathy -- a type of severe kidney injury.


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