Fentanyl - Is there generally any burning or uncomfortable issues after injecting im?

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6 Sep 2013

Assuming you are using a type meant for injection, I will answer with what I know. I haven't see Fentanyl used IM much. In my experience, it has been used mainly IV but it can be injected IM for pre-op sedation and post op pain although most hospitals are getting away from IM's. I couldnt find anything that states it causes pain when given IM but most opioids DO cause pain and irritation to the tissues when given IM so I would assume that it could. The big thing for fentanyl, no matter how it is given, is that it can slow respirations and make them more shallow at the same time so resuscitation equipment should be available when giving fentanyl IM/IV. If you are using the contents of the inside of a patch to inject, DONT!! It is not meant to be used that way!

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