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Does any one ever get empty capsules in their xr ? I know three people on the spiriva that they say?

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8 Jul 2012

I have found empty capsules of spiriva when giving meds to patients. I think its pretty much a rip off, when it costs so much. I even had a supply I'd just opened, so I counted to see if it was an extra. It wasn't. I contacted the pharmacy who supplied us. They replaced it.

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Barb Dawson 12 Oct 2012

The last 2 boxes of Spiriva had at least 5 empty capsules per box!! Why should the pharmacy replace the empty capsules? You can tell by the sound when you piece the capsule that it is empty and then when you inhale there is no rattling sound or feel. I'm concerned about seniors who are inhaling empty capsules and are unaware that they have not taken any medication! Surely there is someone who monitors this type of issue?

kaismama 12 Oct 2012

Yes, the FDA. The pharmacy sent them in boxes, so they didn't handle the med at all. They just sent them back for credit. It was noticeable to us when we were getting the spiriva ready to use.

cna1 13 Oct 2012

I have also thought of the fact that a lot of ppl will not realize they aren't getting their med. but if you call the company all they tell you is you are getting the med . you would think enough ppl have called to complain that they would fix the problem but maybe its intentional . maybe if enough ppl file a complaint with the FDA they will do something

Barb Dawson 13 Oct 2012

I read on another email string 2 hints to help this problem and yesterday had no issues: put the "fat" side in first and pierce it gently. I'm with you on all the company blah blah blah - just listen to the news - it's OK for them to screw up all they want - just have to say sorry or send you a coupon for their bad product - grrrrrrr!

kaismama 13 Oct 2012

They are the ones with the money so they get away with this stuff.


8 Jul 2012

Hello cna. Simply put, check your perscription when leaving the store. And if its a trend, file a report against the pharmacy. Best of wishes, pledge

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Anonymous 8 Jul 2012

I take Spirva (COPD) and it comes in a 30day suppy in a box and in a silver strip. 5 capsules to a strip. Foil lined capsule. Todate, I have yet to come across an empty one. I must be fortunate. Again, let your pharmacist in on that you are missing capsules.

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