What dose are you on of injectible Delestrogen for HRT? Where do you buy it?

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17 Mar 2012

Mary, don't have any idea, but maybe if I answer it will open this up for others! HELLO SITE MANAGERS...

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Anonymous 17 Mar 2012

Oh, & I use the Vivelle Dot for HRT. It can make my boobs sore if used as directed at twice a week, so I just use one every ten days & doctor said that was ok... Mary

madhattersbash 17 Mar 2012

Mary: I was on the Vivelle dot for several years--- not knowing that I wasn't absorbing it! This happens to some women... unfortunately, since I also have thyroid and adrenal 'issues' (and had a complete hysterectomy), it appears to have been difficult for past docs to isolate this problem...
Thank the lord for my current doc, who is an --by Internist, but also practices Functional Medicine--which treats the WHOLE body--he has just totally turned my life around--by tweaking all my meds! (I would NEVER have been able to withstand the stress and lack of sleep of the last 9+ months otherwise!).
Mary, madhatter.


17 Mar 2012

Hi there Ladies. I can post this without any problem. Have a great Saturday, pledge

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