Dose metformin have side effects of loss of hair Im loosing hair?

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11 Jul 2011

There are a number of possible side effects with metformin. Hair loss, however, does not appear to be one of them. In clinical studies before metformin was approved, hair loss was not reported as either a common or rare side effect of the medication.

If you experience hair loss while taking metformin, talk to the doc. Depending on the severity of the hair loss, there are things that he/she may be able to do. If your symptoms continue to be bothersome, or if the doc believes metformin is causing your hair loss, he/she may recommend trying another medicine to treat your condition.

29 Jul 2011

I've never encountered that side effect nor has anyone else I know that is on it. The only bothersome effect I experience is excessive flatulance. But I can live with it as it does do a good job handling my blood sugars. Are you under much stress? I do know excessive stress (good or bad) can cause hair loss. Good luck & I pray you find your answers.

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