Does this medication ,celexa, cause weight gain ?

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6 Apr 2011

I don't think it causes weight gain I take it and I'm not gaining weight but it has caused me a lot of depression while taking it sorry if this doesn't help you and if it does great have a great day

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6 Apr 2011

No, it doesn't. I was in the best shape of my life while I took Celexa. Believe it or not, some prescription appetite suppressants target serotonin and increase the levels in the brain. All mood stabilizers, including Lamictal, cause weight gain. Those affect blood glucose levels and insulin. Wellbutrin is a good one for not causing weight gain, but that drug affects dopamine which can cause weird tics and make you feel kinda "speedy" and out of your body. Not good if anxiety is an issue. Sorry my answer is long. I hope it helps you to decide on your meds. Good luck.

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8 Apr 2011

findingmy..I would have to agree with mike.29 I have been taking celexa 40mg I have loss weight not gain any. So maybe it is your stress level causing you to nibble a little more or a combination of other meds check it out, or try walking after your meals to burn off some foods, thats what I do because I become so sleepy after eating anything... I gotta do something then sit down... good luck to you, in what you finally discover... vtech10

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