I have been taking xanax for about 5 months. I am now up to taking 3 mg a day, 1.5 in the morning 1.5 at night for anxiety/panic attacks. I was given lexapro to help since I started with only taking .5mg of xanax a day and it kept going up. The lexapro made me gain weight so I asked to be taken off. I started with 5 mg, went to 10 mg, and I'm back to 5 mg for now. I told my therapist lately I feel like I'm going to explode and need a little more xanax for the day. He told me he normally doesn't prescribe more than 3 a day because of the DEA. Is that a good reason? I know some lady who gets about 90 2 mg prescribed to her a month. If he wont prescribe me more than I ask for, should I look for a new doctor? I pay $140 for 30 minutes of talk and getting refills so shouldn't he be doing what I need? I understand that people abuse xanax, but does the DEA really control the daily allowance?