Does subutex block the feeling of herion?

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28 Feb 2010

If you're asking if suboxone or subutex can successfully be used to detox and then the addicts are able to recover from heroin use the answer is "yes!".

Heroin is not near as tough a detox for most people as are methadone or fentanyl. Sub detoxing is relatively painless when it's done according to a reduction in dose by 25% of the dose every four days. But subs will work for any of the opiates if it's done right. Lots or people have gone all the way off from shooting heroin to living the way they really want being a productive member of society, no longer using ANYTHING (including subs) and are living totally clean today including not being on suboxone anymore like they stay on so often with the methadone. Check out this link, hope that helps.


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johnm462 28 Apr 2011

Robert_325 I dont know if this will get to you, I just signed on to this site because i saw your answers on subutex, I would like to come off of it and could use some support. I am on 5mg twice a day for about two years. I saw that you said .25 reduction every four days, Is that per dose or per day?

28 Feb 2010

Yes, you won't get high when you are taking Buprenorphine(suboxone,subutex)... Dave

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