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Does suboxone shows up in a urine drug test?

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18 Feb 2010

Not normally, they have to run a specific test for this and it's expensive. Since buprenorphene is not a drug of abuse most companies don't test for it. As long as you have a prescription you don't have anything to worry about, just bring it with you when you test... Dave

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18 Feb 2010

It depends. Subs won't show up as anything on a typical 5 panel UA. But if they give you something like a 10 panel test that specifically checks for buprenorphine (main drug in subs) you WILL get a positive reading then as they are specifically checking for it. Do you have a legal prescription for subs or are you buying them illegally?

Potential employers TYPICALLY don't check for buprenorphine unless it's for a very dangerous job. Of course there are exceptions. But the court systems, pain management clinics, etc have pretty much started checking for it as it's being sold on the street too now and it is a class III opiate.

If you're not supposed to be taking it I wouldn't do it especially if you're dealing with UAs from a probation/parole officer or pain dr. They are monitored too closely to place themselves at risk. They have to know what you are taking. Hope that helps. God bless. : )

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